This site is about people, and movement, and environment. Environment in the largest sense. Not just the pristine wilderness, but also the open space of farm and field. Not just the untouched, remote spaces of our planet, but also the built environment of city and suburb. It is about population and migration. It is about how people interact with their surroundings and how those surroundings are affected by people. And especially, it is about how the movement of populations affect the local environments and the people already living in them.


There are two worlds. On, the "Global North", is relatively rich. The populations of its nations are stable or declining. Workers are relatively well paid, its children healthy but view, its environment protected. The other, the "Global South" is poor, the population of its nations are growing, in places exploding. Its workers are impoverished, its children many but at high risk of death at a young age. The environment in the "Global South" is under grave threat -- by the very people who rely on that environment.

The people of the "Global South" naturally look to the North. They see prosperty, they see wealth. They are naturally attracted to those things... and some, many, are prepared to leave their villages and endure much hardship to reach that 'Land of Plenty'. The thing is, the mass movement of peoples from South to North has the potential to threaten...perhaps is already threatening, the very prosperity and wealth they are seeking.

So, what does it all mean. What is 'the mission', why all the verbal throat clearing to get to the point? In brief, this site will give a voice to receiving populations, populations experiencing large scale movement of other groups into their politics. That voice might be speculative, it might be 'big think', it might be historical. But most often it will be scientific, in both social and environmental sense.

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